New vintage looking tram scroll designs available

We have just launched the latest addition to the ever popular and ever growing tram and bus scrolls collection. As always we are happy to listen to what our customers want and are always ready to offer a new style or design if it is wanted.

The latest addition to the tram and bus art range is the ‘vintage, antique tram scroll design’. We have closely copied 2 original 1950s Australian tram scroll and created a weathered, antiquated  effect. The tram and bus scrolls have creamier, slightly brown tinged lettering along with fading to the black back ground. The overall effect makes the tram and bus banners look like they have been sitting in a bus or tram terminal for 50 years! we think they they look great.

Watsons Bay tram scroll - vintage

Watsons Bay tram scroll - vintage look 1

Sydney tram banner

Watsons Bay tram scroll - vintage look 2

Feel free to contact us on : , 1300 632 332 or visit the site at

We will happily create any size or design tram scroll that you like, we have a massive range of scrolls available in colours such as red, blue, purple, beige and brown.

Printing, stretching and delivery of your personalised tram scroll takes just a week.

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