The Adelaide Tram

Adelaide is one of the few cities that still has a very active tram system. There are various kinds of trams currently operational although there have been a much larger number in the past. The historical H type 367 tram which commenced operation in 1929, the Flexity tram 104 that started operations in the year 2006 and the 203 of the Citadis type which has started operations from the year 2009.

Adelaide is one of the few places in Australia that has a great network of trams. The tram networks were started in Adelaide as early as the year 1878. Initially, there were only horse drawn trams, the precursors to the modern versions. The first electric trams in Adelaide started operating from the year 1909. In spite of the tram lines, the city started depending more and more on buses for their travel needs, over a period of time the bus services replaced those of the tram lines.

In the years gone by, trams were well used because they were mainly used by the daily commuters and also the people who needed to travel as a family for various purposes. The reason for the popularity of the tram network decreasing was the cost involves that became much more after he depression and the wars. The fact that buses was cheaper and versatile made them to become more popular. On the other hand, the popularity of cars also made people to try to use these for their transport needs making the tram network to die a slow and natural death I which on by one, the various tram lines that became less feasible to run were dismantled. The resurgence seems to herald a new era where the trams may become popular once more in Adelaide.

Today there is only one tram line that is still open in Adelaide. This line has three kinds of trams that operate on it, as have been already mentioned. The line runs between Glenelg and the central business district of Adelaide.

The city has been extending the tram network on the single line so that people will be able to use it also as a mode of transport. Before the advent of buses in a huge number, the city of Adelaide used the tram network as the main mode of transport however the tram line is seeing growth after many years and a strong resurgence in popularity. There is speculation of extending the lines to some of the old routes long closed.

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