The London Bus

The London bus is one of the many icons of the city of London. The bus is synonymous with the feel and look of London and for many is one of the pervading memories of one of the world most famous cities . A miniature London bus is also one of the common souvenirs that are taken home by many of the people who visit the country. There are many amazing reasons for the London bus being very popular in a city that is so huge that people get easily lost in it. When any person thinks of the London bus, there is an image that flashes into the mind. This is of a bright red iconic mode of transport that has been a part of London’s colourful history for over 100 hundred years.

The London bus is probably the only iconic vehicle that is recognized all over the world. Any person who visits London will find the bus is a very normal part of daily existence in the city, in the same way that the Yellow taxi cab is seen by many to represent New York City. The Routemaster is the bus that often captures the imagination of a whole generation. The Routemaster has since been phased out however there are two of these unique buses being used as  tourist or heritage vehicles circling London on the age old routes that have seen London buses since the start of the 1900’s. In spite of the Routemaster buses being phased out, the other buses that ply in this great city are also red and so any person visiting the city will still find these buses to be iconic.

The earliest bus in London was operated in London as early as the year 1829. This service was from Paddington to London and was drawn by horse. The motor buses started to ply the streets of London only in 1902. Over the years, there have been many bus companies that have had various kinds of services. Some of these services have been pooled. The London bus service was mainly under the control of the government until up to the 1980’s, however like many things today, the service was later to become privatized in a bid to cost costs and streamline the service. This paved the way for newer companies to start and operate bus services within London. Bus rolls.

The London bus network criss-crosses all across London. The services are amazing because of the efficiency that is maintained by the staff in running the buses. There are also various night services. Some buses ply 24 hours on select routes. This makes the city to seem to never sleep. These buses are mainly operated in the routes where the train services are not present and they give an additional advantage to the passengers who need to reach an otherwise inaccessible place. The heritage buses are also plying on two routes that take them through the various important sites in London. Bus scrolls.

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