What are these things actually called?

A couple of times a week a customer says to us after we call them to confirm their order “Wow! you are really hard to find!, i’ve been searching for your bus roll prints for ages”, I spoke to a women this morning that told me that they had been looking for months for a tram scroll but hadn’t been able to find them and had eventually given up! The only way she found us was by stumbling across a photo of a friend with a bus scroll in the background! This made me realise a couple of things! 1. I need to write an article that covers every possible word that people might type in when looking for a train station print, 2. we need to do more advertising!

What are these things called? Well, they are known by the companies that make them as one of a few names, these include: Tram scrolls and tram rolls, bus scrolls and bus scrolls and bus and tram banners, less frequently they are called destination rolls but also bus line rolls. The actual item from the buses and trams was also often called a bus blind as it is rolled like a blind around a tube then rolled to different destinations depending on the route the bus or tram was covering on the day.

The lovely lady i spoke to today told me she had been searching for ‘train station art, train destination art and train station prints, none of these are words i’d previously used on any marketing so now they are! Please let me know if you also have had problems finding somewhere to buy the bus blinds as we will do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for our customers to purchase a top quality tram scroll at the best possible price.

I might as well mention, we are Australia’s number one choice for premium quality tram and bus scrolls becausde we dont cut corners on quality, we use 100% cotton canvas and the best quality inks meaniong that our tram scrolls look great, feel original and will not fade in direct sunlight unlike some others available in the market!

Contact us today with any questions or to place an order.

Gary Klungreseth,  info@tramscrolls.com.au 1300 632 332

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