Eastern Suburbs destination roll

Eastern Suburbs Scroll, New Modernista design

Gary Klungreseth founder of had seen the original destination scrolls used on old tram and buses around Australia in the 1940’s to 1960’s and had loved their typographic style.  Being a lover of all things monochromatic, the black and white designs cried out to be transformed into modern art pieces.

The site was created soon after with 20 original destination rolls designs for many major Australian cities and popular holiday areas such as Byron Bay. Due to popular demand the collection was soon expanded to include many suburbs of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane along with a number of European and U.S bus scroll designs.

Gary decided there was also a market for a more personalised form of artwork, something that would always mean something special to the buyer or recipient. A customisation service was started there and then allowing people to choose destinations that meant something to them, the choices of ‘destinations’ ranged enormously from places lived, favourite cities around the world, popular pubs, details of their lives such as children’s names and locations they were born, even nursery rhymes were used. The possibilities are endless. Customers can be involved in every aspect of the creation of the scroll from colours, font styles and of course the destinations.

The site now offers 4 different destination scroll designs from the traditional through to their latest modern design called the ‘Modernista’ collection.

With Christmas approaching is gearing up for what they hope will be busy time of year.

Gary Klungreseth

1300 632 332

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