Randwick and Coogee Tram Lines

This article is all about the Randwick & Coogee tram lines of old and starts off with some miscellaneous information about the lines.

Ø  Indicating colour: green

Ø  Fare: 3d.

Ø  Trams about every 20 minutes

Ø  Last tram from Bent-street: 11.25 p.m.

Ø  Time of journey: Randwick, 30 minutes; Coogee, 40 minutes.

This line follows the steam route from Bent Street as far as Liverpool Street, where it turns sharp to the left, still skirting Hyde Park until it turns into Oxford Street. Oxford Street, especially in this lower portion, is an exceedingly busy thoroughfare, and, being somewhat narrow, the traffic at times is very congested. The line traverses between a double row of shops of a good class, until the top of the first hill is reached at Darlinghurst. Passing along Flinders Street, the line enters Moore Park.

To the left, will be seen the pavilions of the Sydney Cricket Ground, the scene of many an historic international and intercolonial cricket and football match, and generally conceded to be the best appointed ground of its kind in the world. A fine cycle track surrounds the oval. Immediately beyond, and adjoining, is the Royal Agricultural Society’s Ground which is the scene every Easter of an immense exhibition of agricultural products, livestock, and machinery. Opposite, on the right-hand side, is the Zoological Garden. It contains a splendid collection of animals and birds, and is, besides, most attractively laid out, and is, naturally, a very favourite resort for visitors and family parties.

The tram continues through Moore Park until on the left hand side, the presence of a small lagoon close to the track denotes that the tram is now skirting the Centennial Park, across which some nice views are had. On the right, Kensington platform is soon reached, and this pretty suburb is seen stretching away to the distance. Shordy before reaching this, however, a branch line will have been noticed leading off to the right. This is the extension to Kensington racecourse and the Rifle Butts, and on big meeting days the tram drops competitors down right on the ground.

The next stoppage after Kensington is the racecourse. Randwick, as most visitors to Sydney will be aware, is the principal racecourse of the colony, beautifully appointed and kept up. Another entrance to the Centennial Park is now passed on the left, and the tram then passes the tramway workshops. Here repairs are effected to the steam motors, and tram cars are repaired and kept in order. When rising the hill after this a fine view is had right over the racecourse, and away out to Botany. Randwick is entered at Alison Road. A walk round this beautiful suburb will disclose many fine residences and extensive views in all directions. A cross-country tram may be taken at Alison Road which goes across to Waverley and Bondi, fare 2d.

The trip to Coogee, however, must not be overlooked. This is gained by a continuation of the Randwick line, which after running through Randwick, passing the large school for Destitute Children on right, descends the hill to the charming Coogee Bay, the distant glimpses of the blue ocean being very inviting. Arrived at the Bay the visitor has the choice of attractions. There is a well-kept aquarium and grounds, with enclosed swimming bath. There are also on the two points of the bay fine swimming baths hewn out of the rock, that on the north end being for gentlemen, and the one on the southern for ladies. A small fee is made for the use of either. There are small reserves or parks at either end of the bay, and there is a beautiful beach on which to sit and watch the rollers or paddle at will.

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