Sydney, with its Suburbs, is so diversified and extensive that a stranger would be at a loss as to the method he should adopt to obtain a fairly comprehensive idea of its extent and many beauties, particularly if the time at his disposal were limited. Fortunately, the Sydney tramway system, having branches in all directions, affords a means of making a rapid survey of many of the principal suburbs at once convenient, expeditious, and economical. This pocket guide is now issued with the view of indicating in a brief manner the routes traversed by the different lines, with some of the walks and connecting trips that may be made.

The destination of trams is printed on boards in front of motor and on sides of cars. The motors also carry in front indicating coloured flags, with corresponding coloured lamps at night. Thus a Glebe Point tram exhibits a sign with two red circles by day, and carries two red lights at night.

Crown Street

Ø  Indicating colour: Two white circles

Ø  Fare: 2d.

Ø  Trams every 12 minutes

Ø  Last tram from Bent-street: 11.23 p.m.

Ø  Time of journey: 19 minutes

This line follows the steam route from Bent-Street to Liverpool Street, where it turns round to the left, with Hyde Park on the left until turning into Oxford Street. Two stoppages up and the line branches off into Crown Street on the right, which it follows for a distance of nearly a mile to its junction with the Cleveland Street line. Turning into Cleveland Street, on the left, the tram continues a little distance to Dowling Street, which borders Moore Park. Its journey here terminates, and the tram returns to Bent Street. The journey does not call for any particular mention, although the reservoir and pumping station for large portion of Sydney water supply, on right hand side after passing Campbell Street, will prob

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