Some of our recent custom designs

If you are stuck for ideas for your personalised destination tram scroll design, here are a few of the designs we have created recently. You can see a large selection of colours and styles, also you can see the difference between how they look with only 12 lines or 20 lines.

You’ll see from the gallery below the following styles and colours;


Full Line style this is the most popular style and is also the most traditional

Centred style – this is based on the original tram scrolls from the Melbourne are in the 1950′s and 1960′s

Contemporary – this new style is a modern take on the traditional, vintage tram & bus banner / tram scroll designs

Modernista – a brand new concept design allowing up to 45 lines / destinations, displayed in a criss-cross fashion

Multi – Coloured – there are a couple of these, based on the original coloured scroll designs, seen sometimes to depict particular tram lines

Colours & effects

Vintage – we add this effect onto the design giving an impression of aging/fading to the destination scroll

Cream & brown – our 2nd most popular colour

Dark Blue – a new variant for those wanting something bold and new

Cream & white- great alternative colour, cream background with white writing

Pastel blue – stunning colour scheme based on a french Provencial blue


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