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Australia’s two most popular cities, Melbourne and Sydney, have become two of the top cities in the world. They are synonymous with good weather, beaches, barbecues, unique architecture, great art and a vibrant social scene. These two fantastic cities have attracted the youth of Australia and the world for decades.

tram banners Many Australians come to Sydney and Melbourne for vacations, to visit friends or to attend university and when they come they are struck by the exciting and energetic atmosphere that engulfs them. Both cities have become prime destinations for tourists from all over the world and some would argue that they are the number one and two destinations for backpackers, gap year students and travellers looking to spend some quality time in the southern hemisphere.

Both Melbourne and Sydney have a wonderful combination of colonial history combined with modern Australian culture. Each has their own highly competitive sporting events, each have their own personality and they both have their own unique areas. The Sydney Opera House is the most famous building in Australia and St Kilda in Melbourne is the prime meeting place for travelers from all over the world.

One thing that both cities have in common is their tram system and it’s this simple public transport system that captures the imagination of visitors from all over Australia and the world.

Destination Art

The tram systems in Australia have become so popular that they have created their own art movement. Tram scroll art takes the destinations from the tram line and presents them as a piece of art that you can hang on your wall.

These custom prints are popular as a way of remembering your time in one of Australia’s great cities. They are a physical representation of the nostalgia you feel for the tram lines that you used frequently whilst you were there.

At they were the first and largest manufacturer of destination art dating from 1920 – 1960. Their catalogue contains prints from Melbourne and Sydney and other destinations within Australia but also includes tram and bus scrolls from Europe and America. Their destination art can be designed by the customer in the form of custom prints. With three different sizes to choose from and four different colours you are sure to find something which will fit your home perfectly. The quality of the pieces is extremely high with only the best timber, canvas and ink used.

Destination art, custom prints and destination bus scrolls are a great way to remember your time in Australia.

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