5 Ways To Create A Safer Home

Being safe at home largely involves being aware of the potential for theft and doing all you can to deter robbers, ensuring that you have a clear route to exit your home in the case of emergency, and keeping your children safe by storing dangerous items out of their reach.

You and your family’s health and safety should be your principal concern. If you believe your home could be a safer environment for your family, then it’s time to make some immediate changes. You’re never going to regret making changes to feel safe, so find out how you can make your home a safer place with these five simple steps:

Emergency Exits

Every home should have multiple safety exits, and usually, they come in the form of doors and windows however some windows can be unsafe. This is especially the case if they can open wide enough for your young children to fall out, for example. This concern is a reason in itself to consider installing windows in your home with window screens. With Crimsafe security screens, made-to-measure designs provide a barrier, but also allow for a safe exit if necessary. If in a rush, for example, you don’t need a key to unlock them.

Keep It Tidy

This is a simple suggestion, but it’s essential to keep your home tidy and uncluttered, as tripping up in the homeis common. Taking a stumble down the stairs can result in some pretty nasty injuries, so always ensure that clutter and other tripping hazards are removed from the top of the stairs as well as ensuring that loose cables and wires are tucked away neatly rather than having them strewn across the rooms in your home.

Check The Front Door

Inspect your front door and look for signs of wear and tear. If you notice damage, then this likely means that the structural integrity is challenged. When this happens, it would be far easier for a thief to break in and gain access to your belongings, so ensure that it’s fixed and look into the prospect of getting a smart lock, as well as CCTV for the front on your home.

Use Timers To Trick Burglars

It’s not always feasible to leave a light on when you’re not home, especially if you have a vacation planned. So, with solving this issue in mind, consider using timers to that switch on at certain times during the day and night to give the illusion that someone is inside. Always ask a trusted neighbour or friend to remove post that would otherwise be left to pile up on the mat, as this is a sure sign that your home is currently unoccupied.

Keep Cupboards Locked

Small children are inquisitive and into everything. This is very well and good when they want to play with toys, however the same can’t be said for when they discover how to open cupboard doors and drawers. Kitchen cupboards house some of the most potentially dangerous items such as sharp knives, electrical goods, and glassware, so be sure to install child locks on the cupboards.

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