7 Home Décor Trends You Will See in 2020

The most intriguing thing to note about home décor is, you can look forward to it at any time of the year. Especially when it comes to embellishing your house, there are millions of ideas to choose from. Now that you’ve decided to jazz up your house after years, it is imperative that you read this article till the end. You can install a new vibe in the kitchen or just add a mural to magnify the enchanting look of your world.
To bring out the best ideas of home décor this year, we got in touch with the pros of interior designs. Intriguingly, they told us about some amazing trends that are all set to become mainstream this year. Beginning from chocolaty wallpapers to vintage designs, there’s a lot for you to know about home décor ideas of 2020. So whether you’re someone who likes to work on a budget or splurge on the aesthetic appeal of the house, we have all kinds of mind-boggling options for you in this article. Continue reading until the end:

1. Vintage Accents
There’s no denying of the fact that history is repeating itself when it comes to fashion, food and even home décor. People are opting for classier and unique options as compared to overloading their homes with several colours and designs. Vintage detailing has always been of paramount importance to interior designers because it has the power to emanate classy vibes. Today, in many households, you will see people opting for the 1800s, and 1900s styled furniture and wall paintings. However, choosing vintage doesn’t mean, you have to put it everywhere. Choosing one of two pieces will easily suffice for the entire look of the house.

2. Floral Wallpaper
If you swoon over floral wallpapers, now is the time to incorporate them in the house. Floral wallpaper has a strong history of being a part of the major décor culture and still stands concrete in several households across the globe. However, now is the time that you can settle for floral patterns that speak volumes. Interior designers say floral wallpapers can easily be incorporated in bathrooms and kitchens. Secondly, there are tons of options available when you decide to settle for this option. Choose a colour that is in coherence with the theme of the house. Swooning over a colour that works for a few months won’t be the right option for you.

3. Colour Pop Cabinets
If you are bored with the entire white kitchen trend in the house, take a look at a few blue coloured cabinets in the house. For instance, if you decide to stick to the colour blue, you can use opt for blue cabinets, blue doormats, blue handles and a blue outline for the kitchen windows. This way, your themed kitchen will look enchanting and classier than ever. Choose the colour on the basis of what looks good on the eyes. However, if you don’t have hands-on experience of choosing the kitchen décor, you can consult a professional interior designer. Before you renovate your kitchen, always check the old pipes for any possible leakage. JR Gas and Water in Brisbane has the perfect solutions for all your problems.

4. Small Decorative Aquariums

Keeping decorative fish is back in well and truly back in trend with the emergence of increasingly beautiful fish such as the popular Siamese fighting fish from Thailand. These amazing fish are increasingly being bred to have strikingly colourful varieties. Check out Siam Betta Fish to see what we’re talking about!

5. Tram Scrolls
Have you ever heard of the vintage custom prints? Well, you’ve come to the right place to get them. Canvas prints have the power to communicate messages and jazz up your rooms. Especially now, with the advent of the custom canvas, it is easy for everyone to get what they dream of. For instance, if you want to magnify the aesthetic appeal of your living room with a tram scroll, you can easily choose a design yourself and articulate it to the designer who will print it for you. Tram scrolls are gaining popularity as workspaces, and several other places are demanding them. This is the main reason you see canvas designs everywhere on the streets and inside local décor shops.

6. Patina Accents
One rampantly thriving design trend in many parts of the world is none other than patina accents. This option is an extension of the vintage designs that are available in the market. If you choose to restrain yourself within a budget, look for second-hand marble coloured vintage furniture in the market. You can also settle for decorative items that have been carved with marble. Patina accents work perfectly for kitchen counters and the dining table. Today, millions of people across the globe have incorporated patina accents in their homes. Patina accents are an expensive option but one that can save a lot of money on décor in the long run.

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