Three Vintage Adelaide Tram Scrolls

Here at Tram Scrolls Australia, we try our hardest to offer the widest range of bus and tram sign artwork globally many of our designs are almost identical to the original tram signs from the 1950s, we like to try and keep alive this important part of Australian history. This in mind we are so pleased to offer the set of three vintage Adelaide tram scrolls.

Our tram scrolls are almost identical to the novel classic tram scrolls from the old Adelaide trams. The only difference is that we changed the sizes to make them smaller since the originals were much too long. We created three tram scrolls using the original signs seen on this site, which are named Vintage Adelaide Tram Scrolls 1, 2, and 3 and come in a set. The three scrolls pictured here were all once part of one long tram scroll. These scrolls come with a black background with white and easy-to-read capital lettering written across them. These bold letters enabled the tram drivers to read them easily and quickly.

We purposely reversed the numbers on the left side to recreate what any driver would have seen while driving the old tram. These numbers helped the drivers find the destinations and used them along with a reference booklet which contained the destinations listed in alphabetical order. The numbers were almost completely hidden from the outside with a piece of rubber holding the glass steady. The only way for passengers to have been able to catch a glimpse of them as if, over time, the boxes became warped. Small lines under each number were met with a line on the box, ensuring that each location was correctly shown to the driver.

During this time, every bus had four scrolls at the front, which could only be found in Adelaide. Other Australian cities had their own means of routing. Although not all four were typically used, at least the two most common ones were. Sometimes three, but rarely were all four ever used. These scrolls were used between the years 1957 and 1962 only, so not for a long period of time. In 1962, route numbers replaced the Adelaide tram scrolls. Tram scrolls numbers 2 and 3 had to be recreated in order to ensure that all destinations were listed.

The original scrolls were approximately 64 centimetres wide with a length of about 11 centimetres. This is about half the size of the standard 51 by 78 centimetres typically seen. If we can get as close to the 64-centimetre mark as possible, that would be ideal even though it will be more expensive. The scrolls are replicas of exclusive tram scrolls from a small period of time, so paying a little bit of extra money to have one in your possession is worth the investment.

Vintage Adelaide Tram Banner Vintage Adelaide Tram Sign Canvas Vintage Adelaide Tram Scroll Sign Art

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