Bus Roll Art

At Tram Scrolls Australia we specialise in Bus Roll Art, essentially custom canvas prints based on the original vintage tram and bus scrolls from around the mid 20th century. These Bus Roll Art pieces are available in a massive variety of shapes, styles, colours and size.

Here is some assistance in navigating our tram scrolls site as some of our customers tell us that there are too many options on the site on this can be a little confusing. Essentially our site has two primary functions, customers can either browse our three galleries for pre-designed bus roll art / tram scrolls / destination art and choose one that they like, for example one from where they grew up, live now or enjoy visiting.

We have Tram scroll designs from all over the globe; the Australian tram banner gallery has over 100 different designs in 6 styles covering every major city and popular holiday spot. The European gallery has many copies of original vintage bus blinds ranging from Ireland, to Birmingham and London. The world tram scrolls should really be named ‘custom subway signs art as it primarily has subway destinations artwork with subway art from Boston, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and more.

The second primary function of the Tram Scrolls website is for our customers to commission us to create their own custom artwork. We can create bus roll art in any of the 6 styles shown on the website from the contemporary to modernista. In order for us to create a personalised art print for you, simply complete the simple ordering form, pay the design deposit and we will email you a proof within 48 hours, you can then request any changes to that style design or approve it. Once your proof has been approved, the balance is processed and we’ll aim to have your custom canvas print delivered within a week, anywhere in Australia. Did we mention we also offer low shipping rates anywhere in Australia and the UK? Well we do! It is only 10 AUD. This is just another reason why we are the market leaders in creating quality personalised art at great prices. Contact us today in order to order your bus roll art.

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