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Ordering you bus scrolls online has never been easier, these days in order to purchase your quality custom canvas print online you simply need to login to the Tram Scrolls website and navigate to the ‘design your own page’, we’ve added a link here for you to make it easier still.

modern bus scrollWe actually highly recommend before going to place your order that you take a few minutes looking around the site, in order to fully understand the options available we highly recommend first taking a look at the galleries and blog, the galleries have over 600 unique bus scroll designs on display allowing you to browse through the different styles, designs and colours and decide which one will best suit your home (or your friends or families if it’s a gift). Once you’ve decided which style you want to go ahead with its time to order your bus scrolls online.

Design your own Bus Scrolls in just a FEW EASY STEPS HERE

Completing the order form should now be very easy as you have seen what options are available on the site, such as whether you want to have a Full Line style, contemporary or something a bit more unusual such as a modernista design. We are often asked what the difference between a stretched and unstretched bus scroll online is, this is actually very simple, a stretched bus scroll (or tram scroll – it’s the same thing) means that its been stretched over a wooden frame and is delivered ready to hang straight on the wall, whereas an unstretched or rolled bus scroll means that it doesn’t have the wooden frame so its just the canvas. Overseas orders or particularly creative customers order these although most people order the stretched designs.

By far the hardest thing about ordering your bus scrolls online is choosing the words to go on it! We recommend between 14-16 lines ideally for most designs with the exception of the modernista which can have up to 60 lines or destinations. The modernista design is therefore the best option if you have A LOT of words!

Remember, we pride ourselves on customer service and are always here to help! Contact us on 1300 632 332.

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