Bus scroll

Struggling to come up with a perfect gift? A personalised bus scroll is probably the answer! The beauty of personalised art is that the details of the artwork can be 100% customised to suit any person or any occasion. Taking into account the persons favourite colours, art types and more importantly their interests!

new york tram scrollThe concept of bus scrolls has been making waves, the stunning black and white typographic canvas prints are the perfect way to details any number of the recipients favourite things such as their favourite holidays, favourite towns and cities around the world, places they have lived and their children’s names and dates of birth. A bus scroll custom art print can detail up to 45 words / small lines, depending on the style, meaning that someone’s whole life can be carefully placed onto the personalised canvas.

Design your own Bus Scroll for just $30

Browse the gallery today to see the massive range of predesigned bus scroll designs, there are hundreds from Australia alone in colours from black & white to pastel blue. These designs will also help you decide what you would like on your personalised art.

Alternatively have a look at our blog to view recent bus scroll custom canvas designs we have created for our customers… you can see exactly what colours and styles work best and which you prefer. There are hundreds of different designs we have created for customers in a MASSIVE variety of styles.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions at info@tramscrolls.com.au

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